A Lush StoreLush International Partnerships, Franchises and Job Opportunities

Welcome to the home of Lush International. Having started in a small store in Poole, Dorset, UK in 1995, by 2014 we are in over 50 countries with 900+ stores worldwide; and we have not finished yet. We have developed our International business through partnerships, franchisees and employees who embrace the Lush way of life and who have the passion and ability to take Lush to their market.

How to apply

If you are looking to open a Lush franchise store in an existing market for Italy, Russia or France please click here. If you are interested in working for Lush worldwide then please check the local Lush page for the country or visit www.lush.co.uk/jobs

At present we’re in the process of opening a shop and spa in Sao Paulo, Brazil which will be our flagship store for South America, due to open first half of 2014. We are also investing in a factory in Brazil which we hope will supply the rest of South America, this should be finalised by the end of 2014. Applications for the rest of South America should be opening second half of 2014, so please recheck this website for an update on the application process.

We currently have partners for all the Middle East and North Africa regions that are on our current strategy. For the countries we are not in; Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan we will update this page on details of the application process when we are in a position to open the market.”